Hi there!
My name is Jordan Oram. I'm a Creator and a Consultant (Digital Strategy/Social Media)

It can be hard to keep track of what I'm up to so...
I've created this semi-regular newsletter!

What will it contain?
  • News about where I am
  • Links to recent posts/photoadventures
  • Glimpses at some of the people I'm meeting
  • Recent favourite photos
  • Links to articles, features, and videos I've been a part of
  • Advanced notice about projects
All delivered to your email so you don't miss it flowing by in the stream of life!
Sign up today and get your free copy Crossing Canada With The Maplemusketeer!
It's a 437 pages filled with photos and musings from my seven month trip across Canada and back!

I hope you have a wonderful day and find some of the beauty and awe
that hides around the odd little corners and mountain tops of our world!

All the best and onward to adventure!

Jordan Oram
aka the Maplemusketeer

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